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Apocalypse Clocks

All this talk about zombies and ribcages got me to thinking about armageddon. Okay, so I think about that a lot, anyway, because I grew up in…um…”unusual circumstances,” with parents who have been concerned about the “shit hitting the fan” with regard to the collapse of world economies and complete and total freak-out.

And that’s why, friends, I grew up in a small town on a farm raising goats, chickens, pigs, rabbits, and hell. My sister and I are, thus, “free-range children” and as a result, I have a rather twisted view of things. Amusing, but twisted.

So for today’s apocalypse tip, keep an eye on trains. Those are your indication that all is right with the world. I grew up watching trains from the deck of our farmhouse. Trains were my connection to the outside world, which I sometimes forgot existed outside the mountain valley I was in. So my fondness for trains started early. They proved that there was something outside the holler I grew up in and I’ve taken that with me everywhere.

In THIS holler, where I’m currently based and where I’m finding all kinds of amusing anecdotes about small-town livin’, there are lots of coal trains (this is an old coal-mining town) that go right through town. Right next to the office, shaking the cups on the desks and bringing all conversations to a stop because it’s so dang loud. My officemates tease me when the afternoon train rolls by, about 3.20 PM MST every day. One will say: “Whew. The world hasn’t ended yet.” And I say: “you laugh, but if the trains stop, it’s a sign that something’s not right out there and we need to hunker in the bunker.” And of course, we all practically wet ourselves laughing.

But one never knows, does one? I just blogged over at my office site about that seed vault 600 miles north of Norway (yes, that’s my scholarly name). Telling, that a publication like High Country News has a blog tag called “apocalypse” on it. The end of the world–whether as we know it or in other ways–is on a lot of minds these days, it seems. And I know that not all those people grew up like I did, so something in the water or the air besides toxins and chemicals and global warming freak-out is fueling this odd streak in the ether. But, I’ll say with a MUAH HA HA, apocalyptic talk is part and parcel of human existence and you’ll find it throughout this country’s (and the world’s) history. Some of us just get a little more steeped in it than others.

11.02 AM MST. There goes the Saturday train. I hear its whistle now. Whew. I can post this, thus, and know that all is right with the world.

Let’s review.This:

coal train

means you don’t get this:

apocalyptic urbanscape

There. Aren’t you glad you have me here to help you negotiate this complicated world we live in? Always glad to share the tips and the love! So keep it tuned here and I’ll keep you tuned in.

Have a great week and remember this very important mantra: Trains are good. Carbon footprint notwithstanding.

Apocalypse Clocks

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