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¡Bienvenidos! Come on in!

¡Hola, mis peeps aquí! In case you’re wondering what the heck’s going on over here, all us bloggers had stuff lined up to go (including moi) and the folks at WOW are so freakin’ on the ball that they’ve been slappin’ my stuff up left and right, leaving me little breathing space to step on in and give y’all a big howdy-do.

At any rate. Welcome aboard.

A little bit more about me, if you don’t wanna check out my other sites, which I’ve listed there to the side for your viewing convenience. I’m a lapsed academic with a license to think about strange and useless things that in no way have any bearing whatsoever on anything beyond clever chat at cocktail parties. I am trained in anthropology, archaeology, and history and ended up somehow in publishing for a good 12 years. Then I tried teaching and that calling…let’s just say majorly WRONG NUMBER. But hey. Gave it that ol’ college try, I did. And now I freelance write and edit. You can find more info about my publications (real and pending) at my MySpace page and my website (listed to the side there…see ‘em?). I currently write a lot of lesbian fiction. You can find stories at e-scribblers.com, if you want to see what kinds of things I write and where you can get a couple of those that were removed for publication. On my LiveJournal site I post excerpts of pending work, like a little bit of the story “Night Shift,” and “From the Boots Up,” both available through Torquere Press, the former as a download unto itself and the latter as part of the anthology Under This Cowgirl’s Hat. I also post short short stories, like the rather racy “Gridlock,” which you’ll find on my LiveJournal site here. I have a couple of lesbian fiction novels that are slated for publication in 2008. You can find info about those at MySpace and my homesite. Oh, my stories generally contain lesbian sex and cuss words. So if you’re not into that, well…here’s yer heads-up.

All rightie, then. So what do y’all think of WOW? I’m grateful for the opportunity to chill and chat with whomever comes on by. I tend to be kind of a free-form blogger, more interested in the weird streaks beneath the mundanities we chase around in our daily meanderings and the mondo-bizarro things we as a species get caught up in. I am a native westerner (born in New Mexico, raised in rural Colorado, then back to New Mexico) who currently resides east of the Mississippi and south of the Mason-Dixon just so I can say I’ve tried it. I’m on my way home, and hopefully that’ll happen next year. So hopefully I can bring you a slightly different perspective on things, should you choose to chill with me now and again. I sure hope so. Okay, that’ll do it for now. Again, thanks for visiting the Limits!

easy on the pumpkin pie and
keep it real, yo.

¡Bienvenidos! Come on in!

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