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Ever have one of those days where you get kinda frustrated because you’re trying to figure out how to deal with new blogging software and you kinda know intuitively what you need to do but the coding sort of escapes you and you try all different combinations and your head starts to feel like it might explode because you’ve tried every conceivable angle except the one that works and before you know it you’re writing these massive run-on sentences…

Yeah. Like that. What IS it about wanting to get a blog site set up that can consume almost all your life, time, day, resources, and natural-born children? If you had any, that is. Or resources, for that matter.

So I spent the day wrestling with WordPress, which is sort of like “Dancing (-es) with Wolves” except I would have had better luck with the wolves.

Now, let’s not get too carried away. These here blogs run off WordPress and that’s fine n’ dandy. I like using WordPress to do the actual blogging since it’s pretty easy to figure out. It’s the dinking around with templates and &#^*&^%&*#* like that…THAT makes me a little tired. Okay, a LOT tired. And when you spend a good chunk of your day dealing with the SAME little issue–a matter of trying to figure out how to code a link–rgh.

Yeah, I know. I’m doing something wrong. I know that. I accept that. Because HEY I’m good enough and I’m smart enough and darn it, people LIKE me! Or something. Anyway. Yeah, blogging. Wooo. The greatest thing to hit the internet since Al Gore invented it. Well, Al, if you’re not too freakin’ busy, could you stop by this week and code this (*^@&*&*%^(*#&%( link for me?

Anyway. May you all have a fabulous week and remember, the most interesting things can happen when you least expect it. Like, maybe me figuring out this software…

Blog, Schmog

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