Eureka!!! Eyebright Eye Makeup Remover and Treatment Oil

August 5th, 2008

Now I admit it….when it comes to eye makeup, I LOVE applying it, wearing it….taking it off? Not so much. All that rubbing, the dryness and irritation…..temporary blindness anyone? MAN, it’s enough to make even a makeup artist want to go au natural some days….

But LOOKIE here!!!

I just found Eyebright Eye Makeup Remover & Treatment Oil($23)’s an eye makeup remover, an eye moisturizer and treatment all in one ya’ll! Not only that, it’s good for you and the earth.

It’s by this great company called Farmaesthetics.…the brainchild of founder and CEO Brenda Brock…a 7th generation daughter of a TEXAS farming family..(why I’m actually a  5th generation  daughter of a TEXAS farming family…except now we don’t farm as much as spend time defending our land from oil and gas vultures….ah, I mean companies…long story, some other time). But really, I am excited about about this brand because:

Farmaesthics is committed to “Sustainable Beauty®”, all Farmaesthetics products are 100% natural utilizing certified organic herbs, flowers & grains from American family farms. We believe what is not in a product is just as important as what is. …so please read your labels!

Pretty neat. I’m so relieved to know that my vanity can make the world a better place ((hugs))! But seriously, this stuff is awesome! It smells amazing and feels very luxurious while I was taking my makeup off…it didn’t irritate my eyes one bit…I dabbed it on a Q-tip and wiped around my eyes to soften my mascara..then it all wiped away super easy with a tissue….My eyes didn’t have that usual tight, dry feel to them and I didn’t even need eye cream afterward…(but me being the OCD beauty addict I am was compelled to use some anyways)……

Try it out!!! You can find Eyebright at my favorite online organic beauty source…! These good folks are based in Austin and are the authority on all things organic beauty. Check out their site, visit their blog and tell em I said “Howdy!”

Be Beautiful Ya’ll…..

Control Men’s Toe Nail Clipping Habits….Artemis Woman New Nail Catcher!

August 4th, 2008

Ah MEN…..they are so gross…….sorry to say but dear hubby’s feet give me the Willy’s…..EWW…..Glad the folks at Artemis Woman came to the rescue on this disgusting (yet all too real) issue…….their survey revealed:

- One-third of American husbands leave thier nail clippings around the house, preferring the bedroom floor and living room cocktail table to the bathroom sink or garbage pail (I wish)…Shockingly, one woman admitted: “I think my husband eats them”!!!!!

-Couple therapy usually fails, just as complaining to the man’s mother. Even threatening to hide his television remote control has not worked when confronted with a challenge of this magnitude.

The good folks at Artemis agree…..saying “Next to leaving the toilet seat up there is no bigger threat to marital bliss than finding dead nail clippings in bed”.

EWWWW…..Too funny if you ask me! The Nail Clipper retails for $5.99 and is available at Linens’n Things, Duane Reade (for you lucky girls in NY), Jewel-Osco stores and online.

Fight the good fight ladies!!!!

Beauty Rant…I Missed it!

August 4th, 2008

Uggghh…SO I got my weekly Ulta catalog in the mail, along with my coupon for my FREE nail polish and $3.50 off…..all excited to get this AWESOME deal from Stila….a $90 value for only $40 bucks!!!! I needed mascara anyways…and well Lip Glazes are always in need…the colors are extremely wearable for EVERYONE , so I needed it (well need is a relative term) for a bunch of photo shoots I have coming up next week.

….So I searched a bit to no avail, until I finally asked the checker and she said they won’t be out until NEXT week. DOH!

Don’t ya’ just HATE that.…….

Be Beautiful (and check your dates) Ya’ll…

Take a vacation…in your Closet!!!

August 3rd, 2008

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again……….I am sucker for good smells…….and every time I walk by a Bath & Works I’m like “white on rice”…’s like they have a huge Josi-magnet in that place….I just can’t NOT go in.

So my latest find are these bad boys….The Scentportable by Slatkin & Co ($5). I clipped mine on a hanger in my closet….and now whenever I go in my closet to change my clothes it’s like a mini-vacation…..Pineapple Mango Heaven, I tell you!

It’s the little things like scenting my closet that (on a good day) make all the difference…and I love these new Scentportables because they don’t need to be plugged in…. they work great in the car, gym locker, the kids room (anywhere that needs scent help)

Don’t forget to check these little guys out next time you are in Bath & Body Works!

Scent Beautifully Ya’ll

Best Beauty Blogs: My Weekly Cherry Pick

August 2nd, 2008

Happy weekend girls! Here’s some of the best I’ve found in our beauty blogosphere this week:

Lianne over at TheMakeupGirl finally went under the syringe!!!! Read about her “adventures in Botox”…..(I’m next in line ya’ll).

Product Fiend talks about the new trend of Celebrity Detouching.…..check it out if you A. need a little ego-boost this weekend and B. You want to see what Madonna would look like if she wasn’t the most vain woman on the planet (I’m so over her…).

The Glamazons over at Organic Beauty View share The 5 Best Organic Beauty Buys under $10 bucks!!! (more IS better, right?).

Go say Hi! to Lilan over at The Daily Cookie and enter to win a FREE Kat Von D eyeshadow pallet just for signing up for her newsletter…..

Celebrity makeup artist and brow genius Elke Von Fruedenburg shows us how to Keep those makeup brushes clean!

And last, but not least…. Bionic Beauty shares the coupon code to get the CUTEST Gift with Purchase from Benefit (you gotta see this darling little makeup bag)!

Have a beautiful weekend Ya’ll!

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Calling all Curls….NEW Re:coil from AG Hair Cosmetics!

August 2nd, 2008

I found AG Hair cosmetics a few months back….what’s not to love…..”cosmetics for your hair?” Right up my alley of course….But what I think really makes AG different and their products superior is that AG products are “made by hairdressers for hairdressers”..which means as the customer we get to reap the beautiful results.

So when I saw that they developed a new shampoo and conditioner to complement their Number One selling styling aid….Re:Coil Curl Activator Styling Cream...I knew that I had to try them.

Now I have wavy hair mind you, but dear hubby is a full-blown curly head. Poor guy…if he doesn’t have the right products he suffers from severe Brillo-head. So I knew it would be A. good for me on days that I decide to scrunch and go for the curl and B. good for him everyday!

And happy to say..once again AG fufilled thier promises…..the Re:Coil Shampoo/conditioner/stying cream trio helped my hair hold it’s curl all day…it behaved wonderfully without having to use my usual aresonal of products (always resulting in severely crunchy hair) I am happy because now I can go curly AND have hair that can be touched!

And hubby? His hair turned out hot! The products helped his curls fall in line perfectly without giving him that “greaser” look.

And as always AG Hair Cosmetics shampoos are sulfate-free (but still lather beautifully) and this new Re:Coil shampoo and conditioner ($20 each) smells like an Orange Creme-sicle……Yummy!

Highly recommend for all you curly tops!!!!

You can get AG Hair Cosmetics at your local fine salon. To find a location near you click on here to use thier salon locator.

Be beautiful ya’ll…..

Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara….Loved it!!!

August 1st, 2008

So I’ve loved Too Faced cosmetics for a while now….I mean, the packaging alone is enough to sucker me in….COME ON! Too Faced is Too Cute.

Well I was in need of new mascara this weekend so I took my usual Saturday jaunt into my local Ulta. I proceeded to go the counter and ask the cashier (who had beautiful makeup btw) what her favorite mascara was…and she said, by far it was Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara ($19.50).

I used it that night (to go to the Rodeo, nonetheless) and LOVE,LOVE! Absolutely NO clumping, VERY lengthening and SUPER buildable….and the wash off? After the rodeo was over, the removal was painless (and I really layered it on). I found that if I wet my eyes and then pinch my lashes the mascara releases and comes off in tubes….COOL!

Pick one up next time you need some mascara…you’ll be very happy.  I got my Lash Injection at Ulta, but you can purchase Too Faced Cosmetics at Sephora, Nordstrom or at their website.

Be Beautiful Ya’ll!!!

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Beauty Inspiration……The Young and The Restless!

July 31st, 2008

So it’s probably not surprising that I (literally) cut my baby teeth while my mom watched The Young & The 33 years later (yikes) here I am…Tivo-ing the action in “Genoa city” everyday.  Probably not a surprise that  “Y&R” is about powerful, rich and  beautiful families  that run rivaling cosmetic companies!!!

I have to say I get daily beauty inspiration watching The Young and The Restless…their on-set makeup artists must have so much fun!!!! What I really love about soaps is that (for the most part) the actors are not afraid to GLAM IT UP!!! These women wear some color, let me tell you……and needless to say I am always on the lookout for fast, easy and inexpensive ways to add to my beauty repertoire!

So (of course) I had to try the new Covergirl Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadows($6) when I saw them hit the drugstores.  When experimenting with your makeup I highly recommend trying drugstore products…..Covergirl has really upped their game since they hired one of my favorite celebrity makeup artists, Molly Stern to lead the way for them….

I have been having so much fun with these shadows y’all! They have just the right amount of pigment and smooth on perfectly without tugging at your lids or depositing un-even color. Pick one up next time you are at your everything store…..I recommend the blues for you blond more fair-haired beauties and the purples for you dark beauties…But don’t forget…there are NO RULES in beauty….so HAVE FUN!!!!

Be Beautiful Ya’ll!

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Nailtiques…”Nothing else even comes close”!

July 30th, 2008

So I am blessed to have nails that grow SUPER fast, but are SUPER peel-y and weak….last time I tried to wear artificial nails my sweet nail tech was all “You nail grow too fast- you no have acrylic nails no more- you get manicure!” Bless her heart, she was basically having to redo my entire set of acrylics every two weeks!

So I gave up…but I still like to keep my nails painted and pretty…and I don’t think it is too much to ask that my base coat/top coat keep my manicure chip-free for at least a week…and after trying out everything I found my nail hero….Nailtiques Nail Protein 1($17.50)!

Nailtiques is THE natural nail care authority. (I wish I would’ve tried their products after I got my falsies off…OUCH that hurts…if you are like me and have ever ripped off a set yourself, you know what it feels like to be DE-clawed!)

Anyhoo- their Nailtique Nail Protein 1 is all you need…it’s your base coat, your topcoat AND your nail strengthener…(I have a devoted nail polish BOX…and it can get out of control)….so I really like that I don’t have to use 4 different bottles anymore…… Bottom line, I noticed WAY less peeling and my polish stayed chip-free all week!!!

Nail Tip: I keep Protein 1 out on my kitchen counter and give my nails an extra coat every 2-3 days….it dries SUPER-FAST and is an easy way to keep nails chip-free and glossy!

You can purchase Nailtiques at better salons and spas, Ulta and their website.

Be Beautiful……

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How To: Angie’s Eyes……

July 29th, 2008

So I’ll be honest ladies…you aren’t gonna get Angie’s lips without doctor intervention. BUT you can get her eyes….I have done this eye makeup technique on myself the last few days and my girlfriend Amy came over and thought I had falsies on!!! It is super easy and super fast (once you get the hang of it) to get Angie’s eyes. I am going to include product recommendations as well…feel free to improvise with other products (of course) and if you need help…email me at my website!!!

First off you will need two things to get Angie’s eyes:

1. You need a small angle brush…my favorite is the Eye 5 ($18) from @design brush company..(pictured above)..I found these bad boys when I was in NY a few months ago and fell in love…their brushes are definitely keepers…..amazing artist-quality (and good for newbies too…)! Makeup brushes are one of the times it’s okay to splurge…some of my best makeup brushes I have had for 15 years!!! Yikes, date yourself why don’t you, Josi……….

2. You need black gel eye liner….my favorite is (surprise, surprise) MAC’s Fluidline in Backtrack ($15)...this smooth and creamy gel liner is in my makeup drawer and makeup kit…it goes on totally smooth and once it dries down refuses to budge…perfect for all day wear or under hot lights at a photo shoot.

Okay….now here’s how you do it…….dip your brush in the gel (be sure to wipe excess product on the sides of the jar so that you don’t make a mess). Once your brush is loaded, line the top lash line starting at the middle of the lash line. Get the brush as close in to the lashes as possible…..using the brush, wedge it into the lashes.

NOW, load up your brush again and line the bottom 1/4 of your lash line…just like on the upper lashes wedge it into the lashes as close as possible. Now heres where it can get slightly tricky….extend the line straight up from the bottom lashes to meet the top liner…I’ve found that it’s easier to get “the wing” from this angle…whenever i try to get the “wing” from the top lashline the liner can be uneven.

Once you have your “wings” quickly take the brush and line the inner rim of your bottom lashes (I don’t do this for day-to-day but that’s what they did on Angie in the above picture). Lining the bottom inner-rim is a celebrity staple because it quicky and easily adds INSTANT DRAMA to any eye makeup look. I personally would never do this for day (it usually requires some touch-ups thorough out the evening as the eyes water)…I just can’t do anything that needs to be touched up too often for day (I’m lazy like that….).

Lastly, go CRAZY with the black mascara….do several coats focusing on the outer corners of the eyes…..I think because the black mascara blends into the eye liner this is what give you that “falsie-look”.

And probably my best weapon for this look? Q-tips…..practice makes perfect…..don’t be afraid to make a mess..just keep some Q-tips by your side to clean up any mistakes…..

That’s why I love makeup…it isn’t rocket science….anyone can do it….AND your eyeliner will never “change size” (THANK GOD).

Remember to HAVE FUN…and when you get complimented on your new beautiful eyes be sure to credit!

Be Beautiful Ya’ll………

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