“Project Runway” Winner: Christian

March 10th, 2008

christian.png“Project Runway” is over and Christian Siriano is in. Just like I thought last week that the fix was in to keep Chris out of the final three I also think the fix was subconsciously in for Christian to win the whole thing. As long as he didn’t send a bunch of rags down the runway, the judges had already decided he was the one they wanted to represent the show as winner.

Not that he isn’t talented, because the kid is a star in the making, but his youth—he’s the youngest winner ever at twenty-one—his attitude, and his unique personal style, in addition to his designs, are what put him over the top. Poor Rami and Jillian never really had a chance.

That’s too bad, because if it had been up to me, I would have picked Jillian. Rami’s stuff was wonderful, but there was a versatility in Jillian’s line that I thought made it a better line overall. Unfortunately, Jillian’s problem, despite her wonderful designs, was that she came across as a boring personality. As much as I loved her clothes, personality-wise, I wanted her to be more jazzy, pizzazy.  And fair or not, it affected what I thought about her clothes.  And if it affected me, who doesn’t have their whole life and career invested in this show, then just imagine how much it influenced Heidi and company.

So that’s why Christian, the wunderkind was the choice and I can’t complain too much ’cause the kid’s got major talent. But it did my heart good to see that after a season of mucho attitude, he was the one who sobbed like a baby when Heidi announced him as the winner. Not so much attitude then, huh?

And by the way, that “fierce this” and “fierce that” that everyone’s giving him credit for, anyone who watches “America’s Next Top Model” knows he stole that from Tyra Banks. She probably stole it from someone else, but anyone who’s watched “ANTM” knows that Tyra is the Queen of Fierce.

Photo courtesy of Bravo TV

“American Idol:” This Year’s Sanjaya Is Gone

March 7th, 2008

american-idol-logo.JPGWell, the big headline from last night’s “American Idol” is that Danny Noriega, the singer who had the best chance of becoming this year’s Sanjaya got the boot. You can still hear the sound of all those teen hearts breaking.

The next big headline is that America just couldn’t send two cute blondes home in one night, no matter how much they both deserved to go. Sure, they finally got rid of Kady Malloy, but when it came to dumping Kristy Lee Cook, they just didn’t have the stomach for it. Instead they ditched Asia’h Epperson who coincidentally seemed to cry the hardest when Kady got her walking papers.

Then the waterworks went into overdrive when Danny’s name was announced. It was down to him and Chikezie and when Ryan Seacrest gave Danny the bad news, Ramiele was inconsolable. It made me wonder if there wasn’t a little somethin’ goin’ on there. Chikezie and Danny exchanged an endless hug before Danny did a decent sing out with lots of attitude.

Opening the show was my Beatbox Baby Blake Lewis. I’m not feelin’ his new song, but vocally he was doin’ his thing and it was such a nostalgic moment to see him back on the stage where we first met. Love ya’ Blake.

And oh, I forgot. Luke Menard went home too. It was time and even Luke seemed to know it.

Idol fans, we have our final twelve. Let the singing games begin

In TV Or Publishing, Don’t Lie!

March 6th, 2008

Have you heard that Robert Irvine, the host of the Food Network’s “Dinner Impossible” is getting food processed right out the front door? Turns out Irvine not only lied on his resume about his former culinary conquests, but lied big. Big like, he cooked for the British Royal family big…big like he cooked for several US presidents big.

According to Linda Moss at Multichannel News :

In terms of one of his “embellishments,” Irvine, a Florida restaurateur and author, actually worked in the navy mess in the White House, not as a chef to the President, and made untrue claims relating to the British royalty.

Irvine’s sort of contrition was evident in a statement quoted in the article:

“I was wrong to exaggerate in statements related to my experiences regarding the Royal Family,” Irvine said in a statement. “I am proud of my work while serving in the Royal Navy and on board the Royal Yacht Britannia, also as part of the Guest Chef program in the White House with the U.S. Navy, in addition to my culinary accomplishments. I should have stood on those accomplishments alone, without embellishment.”

Ya think?

What is with all this dishonesty people? First there were the two latest “memoirs” that were exposed as frauds this week: “Love and Consequences,” a fake “true life story” by Margaret Seltzer about her life in a Los Angeles gang. And then there was the fake Holocaust memoir “Surviving With Wolves” by Misha Defonseca which she recently admitted was a fraud.

Is there something in the water? Or maybe in the bouillabaisse? On Food Network’s  “Dinner Impossible” site Robert Irvine’s described as:

If you could combine James Bond with MacGyver, you would get Robert Irvine, a real life chef extraordinaire and the host of Dinner: Impossible.

A cross between MacGyver and James Bond?  I don’t remember MacGyver ever saying that he cooked for John F. Kennedy or James Bond saying that he spied for Henry VIII.

Maybe the next time the Food Network gets a resume that says someone cooked for the Queen Of England, they should call her up and check that it’s really true.

No More YouTube At Work

March 5th, 2008

Okay all you YouTube surfers, no more surfing at work. According to an article by Bobby White in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, via TV Tattle, if your employer is up on his or her IT issues, you’ll soon be blocked from surfing the popular video site from your workplace. The reasons for that are numerous.

The most obvious of course is if you’re surfing YouTube, you’re probably not working. Another less obvious reason, at least from an employee’s point of view is the fact that all that video watching chews up precious bandwidth and can slow down a company’s entire computer network.

The article used one company as an example:

Carriage Services Inc., a Houston funeral-services company, recently discovered that 70% of the workers in its 125-person headquarters watched videos on Web sites like Google Inc.’s YouTube and News Corp.’s MySpace for about an hour a day.

“I almost fell out of my chair when I saw how many people were doing it and how much bandwidth those sites sucked up,” says Jeff Parker, the company’s information-technology administrator. He quickly blocked access to both sites.

So I have three suggestions for those of you who may soon have YouTube withdrawal, at least at work:

  1. Put up more pictures in your office or cubicle. If you stare at them long enough, you might be able to convince yourself they’re moving.
  2. At lunchtime, stick a straw in your ear, stick your tongue out and stare at yourself in a mirror for ten minutes. That should help curb your craving for YouTube “comedy.”
  3. As soon as you get in to work, set your screensaver delay to one minute. That way, the minute there’s a lull in your work, you’ll have something to look at.

Good luck.

“Lost” Snap Recap: “The Constant” (2/28/08)

March 4th, 2008

01.jpgOkay, so we always knew Desmond had some special powers. Like knowing that Claire would almost get struck by lightening, that Charlie would die, but this was something totally different. We didn’t get flashbacks or flashes forward. What we got was Desmond psychically flashing through time. By the time this episode was over, his head and mine were both about to explode.

Let me see if I can capture it in a nutshell. Desmond, Frank and Sayid are on the helicopter on their way to the freighter When they fly into some thunderclouds, Desmond goes nutty. He doesn’t recognize Sayid, where he is, or what’s going on. Instead, we see him in the Royal Scots army eight years earlier. What follows throughout the episode is Desmond mentally popping back and forth from 2004 to 1996.

When they get to the freighter a bunch of burly guys who don’t talk much lock Desmond and Sayid up with the former communications officer, Minkowski. He’s strapped down in sick bay ’cause he’s going through the same thing Desmond is. When they escape and Sayid gets to call Jack on the island, we find out for the helicopter gang it’s only been a few minutes, while for the Losties a whole day has passed.

As far as Desmond’s little problem, Daniel implies it’s a side effect that has something to do with Frank not being able to keep the helicopter exactly on course. “Daniel 2004″ eventually sends Desmond to “Daniel 1996″ with a message. Daniel ‘96 tells him he needs a constant, something or someone that will anchor him. Desmond eventually finds that constant in Penny. In a wonderfully climatic scene “Desmond 2004″ finally talks to Penny and becomes anchored in time.

By the way, someone on the freighter destroyed all the communications equipment so the crew has no contact with the outside world. I wonder who could have done that? Could it be Ben’s spy? Could his name possibly start with an “M?”

A fabulous, incredibly, mind blowing episode.

These “Lost” snap recaps are meant to be quick reads, but if you’d like a more detailed account of last week’s episode, you can read it at my other blog, Megan’s Minute.

Photo courtesy ABC

“Project Runway” Winding Down

March 3rd, 2008

gallery_images_episode_13_15.jpgLast Wednesday “Project Runway” chose their final three contestants for Fashion Week. Now, I know Fashion Week was a few weeks ago, but because I don’t like spoilers I have no idea who won. So I’m just writing this post as if I knew nothing about it. Which I don’t.

Anyway, the inevitable happened and Chris was eliminated after his fashion walk off with Rami. I say inevitable because I think the fix was in for Rami because Chris has a background as a costume designer and to the judges that was not “high fashion” enough. So in the final Fashion Week competition, it’ll be Christian, Rami and Jillian.

Not that I don’t like Rami, because I think most of his stuff is beautiful and extremely well made. But if the judging this week was supposed to be based on only the three garments the designers chose from their sample collections, Chris should have won hands down. Rami had only one good outfit of the three, the short, draped—what else—dress with the little coat. The blue coat was too much like something from a bad sci-fi movie and the black gown was big, bulky and very unflattering.

Meanwhile Chris’ outfits were cohesive and magnificent. The human hair trim was weird, but it worked. The outfits weren’t costume-y and the pieces were very unique. Rami went to Fashion Week because week in and week out, he’s consistently made some great garments, even if they have all been very similar.

Next week is the finale and I’ll be watching.

“American Idol:” Two Out Of Four

February 29th, 2008

american-idol-logo.JPGAmerica got it half right last night with their “American Idol” elimination choices. They got the guys right, but Alexandrea and Alaina are the ones I would have kept. Kady and Kristy were worse than those two, but not by much. As Randy said, you can have a good voice, but at this point in the competition, if you pick the wrong song and have a bad performance, you can get the boot anytime.

They did it in the classic, front row/back row manner. First dumping Jason Yaeger, then the ladies and then Robbie Carrico.

Jason Yaeger was definitely living on borrowed time. Even though he was much better than last week, he’s got a lounge act aspect to him that just ain’t gonna generate teeny bopper votes.

Poor Alaina, she wasn’t that bad, just very prom queen. And for a minute there I really thought she was going to stick to her refusal not to do a sing out, but she got it together enough to give us one more rendition of “Hopelessly Devoted To You.” And how sad was it when David Archuleta started crying during Alexandrea’s sing out? I guess they’ve bonded since they’ve been in Hollywood.

Robbie Carrico? Just too forgettable. And then there were sixteen.

Become An Educated Media Consumer

February 28th, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, CNN fired a senior producer, Chez Pazienza from it’s show “American Morning” for blogging. His blog Deus Ex Malcontent is a personal blog about his life and misadventures. He gives his opinions on current issues but before his firing, didn’t write about CNN or his work there.

He announced his firing on a post on his blog. One of the things Pazienza wrote last week:

CNN fired me, and did it without even a thought to the power that I might wield as an average person with a brain, a computer, and an audience. The mainstream media doesn’t believe that new media can embarrass them, hurt them or generally hold them accountable in any way, and they’ve never been more wrong.

Now I don’t know Pazienza from Adam, but he makes some good points about the news business on his blog. How the hierarchy, more so than at any time in history is only worried about the bottom line instead of telling the story. How the impact news can have on society is totally discounted and the “public trust” is non-existent.

There is no such thing as an objective journalist and because of that I’m always telling people they need to become informed media consumers. Kind of like at Syms, where an educated consumer is their best customer. Learn who owns what in the television business. Find out that GE owns NBC, Bravo, A&E, AMC, Sci-Fi and USA; that Disney owns ABC, all the ESPNs, SOAPNet, and Lifetime; that Viacom owns CBS, Showtime and BET. Figure out how many radio and TV stations are all owned by the same small group of corporations. Understand how all those very incestuous relationships can affect what you see and how it’s presented.

If you read a newspaper, read the name of the person who wrote it and then Google them. Learn not only who they are, but what their biases are, so you can make informed decisions about what they tell you.

If you don’t, you becoming a mindless foot soldier in the land of media saturation and make no mistake about it, the humanity of us all is at stake.

And that’s my speech for the day.

HBO’s New YouTube Channel

February 27th, 2008

Love your HBO? Well you can now add to your HBO experience with the new HBO YouTube Channel. You can see promos of upcoming shows like, “John Adams,” “The Wire,” “The Gates,” and highlights of HBO championship boxing. Right now the only complete show episodes you’ll find there are of the therapist drama “In Treatment.” But in future, HBO promises YouTube only videos in addition to clips from HBO documentaries and films.

Some fun stuff includes the original HBO opening from 1983 and a behind the scenes look at the recent HBO film “Bernard and Doris.”

Joseph Giraldi, director, digital distribution and partnerships, HBO said, “We invest significantly in developing HBO programs and are always searching for new promotional platforms. We are thrilled to continue this tradition by offering the global YouTube audience access to our wide variety of content.”

“As the leader in online video, YouTube provides top media companies like HBO an opportunity to broadcast their content to an entirely new audience,” said Jordan Hoffner, head of premium content partnerships for YouTube.

If HBO starts putting enough of their shows on YouTube, maybe they’ll start charging us less in cable fees.

“Lost” Snap Recap: “Eggtown” (2/21/08)

February 26th, 2008

capture.JPGThough we start off this episode with Locke making breakfast—the last two eggs—for Ben, only to have him throw it against a wall when Ben does his head game mojo on him, our focus this week is Kate. In flashes forward, we find out more about what happens to Kate when the Oceanic Six come back to civilization.

Because of those little legal indiscretions that had her handcuffed on flight Oceanic 815 in the first place, Kate is put on trial for murder and a host of other charges. We also learn the cover story the Oceanic Six came back with, namely that only eight people survived the crash, they all ended up in the water, and St. Kate was a hero. She dragged them from the water, found food, medicine and did an all around Mother Theresa.

The star witness against Kate is her mother who she inconveniently confessed to after killing her stepfather. A sickly Mom comes to Kate and says she won’t testify, but in exchange Kate will have to let her see her grandson. That’s right folks, Kate came back from the island with a kid. But not just any kid, Aaron, Claire’s kid. And Jack’s step-nephew.

Though Kate turns her down, Mom decides not to testify against her. That and Jack’s glowing, “she’s a hero” character reference testimony helps Kate plead down to ten years probation with the caveat that she can’t go anywhere during that time.

Flashing back to the island, Kate is bonding with Claire, and not quite bonding with her future son, or Sawyer. In a weird subplot, Kate breaks Miles out of Locke’s clutches long enough for him to try and extort 3.2 million dollars out of Ben. On the beach, Jack and the other Losties are waiting for word from the ship, but there’s nothing. When they eventually get through to someone, they’re told that Frank, Desmond, Sayid and Dead Naomi haven’t arrived.

Dude, they took off last week!

Best line of the night? After Kate tricks Hurley into telling her where Locke is keeping Miles, Hurley says, “You just totally Scooby Doo’d me didn’t you?” Heh.

These “Lost” snap recaps are meant to be quick reads, but if you’d like a more detailed account of last week’s episode, you can read it at my other blog, Megan’s Minute.