I’ve been at Investments r Us for over 10 years.  When I initially started, at the tender age of 23, I was sure it was a temporary gig.  Corporate America was a world where I would live for a maximum of 2 years, where I would meet my future husband.  Once married, I’d quit and take care of the house and the kids.

Here I am a decade later.  No husband.  No kids.  Trapped in Corporate America.  If I wasn’t so freaking tired right now, I’d throw myself out of the nearest first story window and end it all.

Things are about to change, though, I can feel it!  After watching this clip about 50 times, I’ve made a decision: I’m going to quit my job.  I want to be a receptionist and clear phone lines just like Pam does.

The Office – How To … Clear Phone Lines by pixibest

Pam is my role model.  Not only does she get to help Michael by clearing the lines, but she gets to do it with Jim.  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s all made up stuff, but I can dream if I want to!

My Career Goals

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