My Klassy Monday

It’s 5:00 on a Monday afternoon, I’m sick at home and I’m watching Cathouse on HBO on Demand. Yeah, that’s right, I’m watching adult program in the middle of the freaking day. I’m klassy, we know this.

It’s amazing what they’ve packed into 30 minutes. I learned about how old guys often take viagra and then can’t finish, couples that come in for sex therapy, how the girls unwind with their pool parties and hula hoops, how one of the “ladies” also does sex toy parties (this was kind of disturbing as most of the women looked like they were grandmothers and she was teaching them how to give blow jobs. Aren’t women supposed to know how to do that at an earlier age?), and how frequently the Bunny Ranch hosts Bachelor Parties.

Let me tell you a little something. If I ever found out that my fiance went to a brothel for his Bachelor Party, the wedding would totally be off.

Darn it, now that the show’s over, I’ll have to pick something else. Looks like it’s Downtown Girls for me. I always wanted to know about hookers in Honolulu. Oh, and apparently there are tranny hookers featured as well. Thank you, HBO for your excellent selection of programming. Sure, you don’t have a single movie I want to watch, but you offer hours of shows about hookers and sex.

My Klassy Monday

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