Decorating Advice: How Do I Decorate My Tall Space?

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Having a tall living space can give you a feeling of grandeur but often times it can be difficult and intimidating to decorate. Being able to create a nice sense of balance along with making it feel cozy is the hardest part. I have gathered up some tips and suggestions to inspire you to decorate your large open space below.

Furniture: Large in Scale

  • Tall Armoires, Bookcases & ET Centers
  • Oversized Sofas with High backs and feet Large Area Rug to make the space feel “grounded”
  • Pedestal with Plant
  • Decorative Screen
  • Baby Grand Piano
  • Large Floor Lamps

Paint & Trim: Warm and Dark

  • Warmer colors will make the space feel cozier
  • Adding a wainscoting or chair rail will break it up
  • Darker colors on ceiling (1-2 shades darker than wall)
  • Large Crown Molding (small will feel out of place)

Wall Decor: Large and Balanced

  • Hang artwork and décor in relationship to the furniture
  • Large Tapestries or Rugs
  • Multiple shelving
  • Ironwork Art
  • Large Mirrors or Clocks
  • Mural
  • Multiple Framed Art scattered around wall in a tasteless fashion

Image Sources from top: 1. Halley Resources 2. Edge Reps 3. House to Home 4. Eric Roth 5. Big Blue Photography 6. Jeremy Samuelson 7. Ingrao

Inspiration Board 2 - Walking into a European Courtyard

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

I came across this inspiration image from Pure Public the other day. (website found via Desire to Inspire) and I just fell in love with the soft colors and the feeling of closeness to openness. This photo makes you feel like you could be there walking into a European courtyard. When deciding what furniture and décor to use for this bedroom I went very literal. The thick iron gate made me want to find a headboard in a similar fashion. Thinking about laying on the grass and reading a good book made me want to choose grass green bedding with a leafy pattern. The orange terra cotta color from the image was a must for the wall color in this bedroom and a wool pebble rug completes the look. See below for links to these fabulous pieces.

Rachel Mallon

Clockwise from top left: 1. Crate and Barrel 2. Paint Color 3. Gracious Style 4. Nova 68

Room by Color: Green and Coral Bedrooms

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Today I wanted to post interiors that are summery and fresh looking so I decided that green and coral interiors would be a good choice. I love the feeling of the two colors together because they create a nice balance for the space. The serene and peaceful green with the vibrant and lively coral red makes these spaces feel balanced emotionally. You will notice that in all of these interiors that green is the main color for the room and the coral is an accent color. The designers of these spaces did this intentionally because when using coral or red tones in abundance it can make for an unpleasant environment. So when decorating with red tones make sure to use them as accent colors like in pillows, artwork and rugs. When people are looking for paint color advice and they want to use red on the walls I always recommend to only use it as an accent color. A lot of Red in a space can make your heart beat faster and cause other emotional feelings like anger and rage but adding red in small amounts can be great for a space because it can uplift your mood and bring energy and cheeriness.

What I like most about the selections of these interiors is that they all bring a different style. The first image on the top left hand corner has this funky tropical country feel to whereas the one next to it on the right is more clean and minimal. (Check out the filled in fireplace behind the bed.) The image in the middle is much more contemporary because of the stripes in the rug and bedding. I am enjoying the playfulness of the interior and it is a perfect bedroom for that active teenager. The image on the very bottom is more modern because of the clean lines in the bed and abstract artwork. I hope you enjoy these great images and please comment below and tell us what you think.

Rachel Mallon

Clockwise from top left: 1. Timothy Kolk 2. Civility Design 3. Scott Sanders 4. Real World Houses

Product Trend: Layered Linear Lighting

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Bamboo has been a popular trend in interior design lately mainly because of its environmental factors. We are making bamboo flooring and bamboo furniture and even bamboo sheets. Bamboo is a renewable resource meaning that it grows fast and plentiful and it is even biodegradable. Although these light fixtures are not biodegradable they are inspired by the shapes and curves of bamboo. The first floor lamp on the top left hand corner is from Eurofase and I love how modern and clean it is but it also has character because of its curvy lines. The second one from 2b mod is called the Legna table lamp and it is designed by Jeff Designs. You can purchase it in teak or zebra wood veneer and it comes in a variety of styles. The third layered linear floor lamp is called Stacking D and you can purchase it from Ecosta. I like the different varieties that Rockwell Group designed. The last image on the bottom left hand corner is from Leucos and I love the color composition of the white, gold mirror, tobacco, and white gold mirror. Click on links below for more information.

Rachel Mallon

Clockwise from top left: 1. Eurofase 2. 2b mod 3. Ecosta 4. Leucos

Style Trend: Burst Lighting

Friday, July 4th, 2008

Happy fourth of July everyone!

These vibrant and striking lighting designs can give your home the burst you are looking for. They make your eyes go straight to them just like fireworks on the fourth of July.

Rachel Mallon

1. Room Online 2. Plug Lighting 3. Gnr8 4. Rian Rae

Room by Color: Red White and Blue Interiors Done Right

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

As a designer it can be difficult to decorate a room for all seasons. I always try to avoid designing spaces that are christmas tree green and Santa Claus red and the same goes for the red white and blue flag colors. These interiors have used red white and blue but in more subtle tones and they look absolutely fabulous.

Rachel Mallon

Clockwise from top left:

1. Flores Vianna 2. Glenn Gissler Design 3. Thom Filicia 4. M Design Interiors 5. Domino Mag

Inspiration Board 1 - Vintage Rose Bathroom

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Below is the inspiration image from Judy Casey. This image is inspiring because I saw many things that I could use for an interior. For instance the women’s beautiful dress inspired me to choose a vintage pink shower curtain and the wrought iron gate inspired me to choose a wrought iron scrolled mirror. I also decided to use an Acanthus crown molding because of the Corinthian style columns in the image. I decided to replicate the tile floor and the tiny blue tile in the pool for inside the shower/tub and base trim. The rug is inspired by the column texture and the faucet is also inspired by the gate. I think this design can work for a girl at any age because although its pink it still has a mature look to it.

Rachel Mallon

Image from Judy Casey

1. Anthropologie 2. Target 3. ifloor 4. Enkeboll 5. Ann Sacks 6. Anthropologie 7. Anthropologie 8. Moen

Bathroom Designed by Rachel Mallon

Decorating Advice - How dark should I stain my cabinets?

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Q. I have white appliances which I like, I dont like stainless steel appliances. My walls are cream yellow and I have honey laminate floors, I have santa cecilia granite and oak cabinets. I like the white contrast. I want to stain my cabinets, I want to go darker, but dont know how dark I can go. I like a tuscan look, and have white shaker bar stools. I like the honey woods, but a cherry sounds good too.

A. If you want to go darker than I would pick out the darkest brown color in your santa cecilia granite. See image attached for color.

Rachel Mallon

Room by Color - Dark Blue Living Rooms

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

A dark blue Living room can be a great place for relaxing and meditating and it can also enhance the same feeling that you get from the ocean and looking up at the sky. Cooling and calm blue can balance beautifully with rich wood tones like mahogany and cherry and work great with reddish leather. When applying blue to the walls you want to make sure you are getting enough sunlight into the space because it can feel depressing if not used properly. More than any other color blue is affected by the materials it surrounds. For instance reflective materials like glass can intensify blue and shiny materials can make blue look frosty. Blue is also a very mature and timeless color so it works with traditional to modern styles. It is especially used in coastal homes because it helps bring that calming feeling from the ocean into the home.

Rachel Mallon

Clockwise from top left: 1.House to Home 2.Domino 3.Metropolitan Home 4.Preston Lee Design

Product Trend: Twisted Wood Furniture and Decor

Monday, June 30th, 2008

These natural interior products are not only made out of wood but are also curvy and beautiful. The lamp on the top left hand corner is made in a walnut finish and is elegantly twisted with a bell shaped shade. Click here for link. The candlesticks are from a Swedish company called Impressionen and they carry a lot of beautiful natural looking furniture and décor. The top right image is the Medusa Nest of Tables and not only do I love the name but I love the unique design and functionality. They are from The Conran Shop. The Neema side table below is from Anthropologie and it is made out of an acacia wood which was carved out to create this gorgeous spiraling effect. The last image on the bottom left hand corner is called Weston Twisted Stool or Side Table and it is eco-inspired. If you start out using it as a side table and then you decide to rearrange you can always use it later as a stool. People in search for beautiful natural looking furniture and décor will start to see a lot more products with the curvy wood look.

Rachel Mallon