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Hi, all! Did you miss me? I sure did. I’ve been checking milk cartons to see if my photo appears on any of ‘em, but so far, no. Dang. Where the hell did I put myself?

Does anyone here remember “sniglets“? That’s a term for a made-up word that actually makes a lot of sense. Like, for example, “accordionated,” which means “the ability to fold a map while driving.” Or “squaffles,” which is those individual squares on a waffle.

So I’ve had “slamnesia,” which is my personal sniglet for “the inability to remember what I’m doing because I’m so freakin’ slammed with business/life/whatever.”

Let me update y’all. As some of you know, I’m a writer. My first novel will be available for public consumption on July 10th. Yeah, that’s, like, a week away. And yes, I am sort of freaking out about it. You can find out about that novel on my personal website, on which I’ve posted the synopsis for Land of Entrapment, the first novel and State of Denial the second. That will be published in December. And you’ll find the first chapter of Land of Entrapment there, as well. But because I’m kinda special, here’s the link to that. You’ll also find some freebie stories on my site that you can check out to see if my stuff might be something you’d like to follow up on. And I am published through Torquere Press–some short stories, so you might want to check those out, too. Links and descriptions for those are available on my personal website. Oh, There are cuss words and “adult situations” (that’s a euphemism for you-know-what) in all of the stories, so you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’ve also just signed a contract with another publishing house to do a space opera series (think “Firefly” goes to a lesbian galactic bar and picks up “Star Wars” and they get kinda crazy and jack a space cruiser and go have all kinds of adventures). I’ll do the official announcement on my personal website, so check it out, yeah? I mean, if you want to. No pressure. None at all. I don’t mind being a starving artist. No, really. I don’t. Um…can I borrow a quarter for my latte fund?

And I’m about to hit the road yet again for some other stuff, which is relevant here because I’ll be changing the tenor/tone of this here blog. I’ll be doing some updates from the road (and I do tend to end up in some crazy situations) along with some anecdotes about stuff that happens. So expect more “OMG, I’m stuck here in Phoenix!” kinds of things.

So I’ll be headed on Monday (yeah, this coming) to Reno, Nevada and from there, about 35 miles northeast to the Paiute Indian Reservation located at Pyramid Lake. Why you may ask? Well, I’m going to interview a high school girls’ basketball team that’s bound for the NABI. That’s the Native American Basketball Invitational tournament, held in July in Phoenix. As some of you know, I spent January through May of this year doing an internship at an award-winning western-based news magazine that specializes in environmental and public policy issues in the West. High Country News also does stories on the people who inhabit the West. While an intern there, I pitched this story on basketball because I am a basketball fanatic and I’ve always been interested in Indian players and how basketball affects Native communities because basketball is HUGE in Indian Country. Anyway, the point of my visit to the Paiute is because I’m tracking this team to NABI and finding out how basketball is affecting the lives of the players on this girls’ team.

So I’ll be doing some updates about that, and about other stuff that’s coming up. I’ll be “woman on the scene,” in some respects, and of course, I’ll invariably have some nutso story to tell you about, like the woman who nabbed my cell phone in Wyoming recently. Oh, I didn’t tell you? A friend of mine in the UK recently asked me, “Andi, how the f*** do you get into these situations?” My response: “I dunno. Just lucky, I guess.”

All rightie. There you have it. Why I have slamnesia. Anyway, hope everyone has a faboo time over the 4th and if you’re overseas, here’s a raised pint to you, as well. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!


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