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So There I Was

Jogging. Here in the holler. Minding my own business.

Okay, and maybe other people’s, too. Kind of goes with the territory in a small town. You may LOOK like you’re minding your own business, but the reality is, you’re minding everybody else’s, too. You’re looking around, scoping the neighborhood, seeing who’s out and about, who’s not. You automatically file details like “oh, so-and-so isn’t home this weekend. Haven’t seen the car since Friday.” Or “So who’s so-and-so doing? I don’t recognize that Chevy…”

So there I was. Jogging. And I saw the Toyota 4X4 parked on the side street. Nice truck, hunter green. Newer model. Pick-up. Camouflage seat covers. “Nice truck,” I thought. At this point, as I drew near, I slowed to a walk to cool down, since I’d run a couple of miles or so. I checked the truck out, since that’s sort of what you do.

And that’s when I saw it.

The back. Or rather, what was in it. Not that there’s anything wrong with a giant-ass skinned ribcage propped against the wheel well. And of course, stuff like that ALWAYS makes me think about stuff like this:


Not to suggest that it was a zombie in the back of that pick-up. Or even George Romero trying to make it look there was one sprawled out on the bedliner of that Toyota. But I have a macabre sense of these things and a big-ass skinned ribcage just sends me right down Apocalypse Avenue. And in my view of things, the end of the world ALWAYS has zombies.

Anyway. Bright, sunny day. Crisp and cold. Dead thing in back of truck. All is right with the world. Funny how your thinking changes, when you immerse yourself in regional culture. Remember, I grew up in a small rural town. But I haven’t really been back in a while. Still, certain primal things surged up out of my depths and as I walked past that truck, studying that ribcage, the second thought that came to mind (after “Quick. Check for the apocalypse.”) was: “Good thing it’s cold out. Flies won’t get on there.”

So let’s go over this lesson about how Andi’s mind works.



plus this


equals this

More Zombies!

Perfectly logical. And why yes, I was just on my way to therapy. Thanks for asking. Until next time, have a good week and check your armageddon watches regularly. Peace!

So There I Was

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